Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This saw is definitely cursed

It was looking good for a while. I decided to give it the "acid test" and put the drum sander attachment on and turn her face down. WAY TOO noisy!

Gosh darnit! I am beyond frustrated with this frame 196.

I've rebuilt many a motor and this one is the worst of all! I rebuilt a crazy old frame 553 from 1947. No problem! Smooth as silk!
I've rebuilt 3 frame 156's. All good!
Frame 230. Good.
Frame 235. Good.
Frame 236. Good.
Frame 250. Not great but OK.

Very discouraged.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A breakthrough (finally)!

It all comes down to this... don't use IKS 88500's for the rear bearings in a DeWalt Frame 196 motor.

On a whim I decided to try a "Wide Cup" version of the 88500 that Accurate Bearing carries. It's a JAF bearing.

Night and day! My frame 196 is now quiet and powerful with no extra heat. The IKS design is the basis of about a year and a half of frustration with this project saw on my part.

Now I need to make a proper table for my GWI, align everything, and start making sawdust!