Monday, March 1, 2010

She may come back to life this week

Long story short, the motor for this saw was working perfectly before I disassembled it and sent the saw off to be painted. When it came back and I reassembled the motor it was a mess. Massive vibrations, heated up, just a mess.

I took the rotor, along with a different rotor from an MBF that I thought was suspect, to a machine shop that does prototypes for its bread and butter. He put the rotors on an indexing table and, using a dial indicator, he said it "looks a bit off". He mounted it on a lathe and confirmed that the MBF rotor was not straight by .002" on one end and .001" in the other direction on the other end. Interesting...

I engaged his services to hard chrome the bearing mating surfaces on both rotors and have them reground to straight.

In the intervening weeks it occurred to me that it may well have been that I simply pressed the bearings on crooked or that my pressing technique may have actually bent the rotor. In any event, I didn't think it would hurt to start over with a straight rotor.

I'll post a detailed account of my re-assembly this time with pictures and if it is still a mess perhaps someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

I have 5 saws right now and room for 2 so I can't wait to get the GWI working (or not) and then begin the process of shedding saws and getting back to woodworking.

I also finished the prototype for an electric brake for the GWI which I will do a detailed post on as well. Parts are just under $100.00 and she works like a champ!

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